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Merry Christmas Mack  / Terry (Baby Faith'sMom Angels In Heaven (Love You )
In The Light (Poem)  / Mom~ I. Love YOU Mack! Merry Christmas Mack (Stay In Light~Love You! )
In the Light

A shadow of joy flickered; it is me.
I told you I wouldn't leave..
My spirit is with you.
My memories, my thoughts are imbedded deep in your heart.
I still love you.
Do not for one moment think that you have been abandoned.
I am in the Light.

In the corner, in the hall, the car, the yard --
these are the places I stay with you.
My spirit rises every time you pray for me,
but my energy comes closer to you.
Love does not diminish, it grows stronger.
I am the feather that finds you in the yard,
the dimmed light that grows brighter in your mind,
I place our memories for you to see.
We lived in our special way,
a way that now has its focus changed.
I still crave your understanding and
long for the many words of prayer and good fortune for my soul.
I am in the Light.

As you struggle to adjust without me,
I watch silently.
Sometimes I summon up all the strength of my new world to make you notice me.
Impressed by your grief, I try to impress my love deeper into your
As you should, I call out to the Heavens for help.
You should know that the fountain of youth does exist.
My soul is now healthy.
Your love sends me new found energy.
I am adjusting to this new world.
I am with you and I am in the Light.

Please don't feel bad that you can't see me.
I am with you wherever you go.
I protect you, just as you protected me so many times.
Talk to me and somehow I will find a way to answer you.
Mother, father, son or daughter it makes no difference.
Brother, sister, lover, husband or wife, it makes no difference.
Whatever our connection-friend or even foe-I see you with my new eyes.
I am learning to help wherever you are, wherever I am needed.
This can be done because I am in the Light.

When you feel despair, reach out to me.
I will come.
Our love for you truly does transcend from Heaven to Earth.
Finish your life with the enthusiasm and zest
that you had when we were together in the physical sense.
You owe this to me, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself.
Life continues for both of us.
I am with you because I love you and I am in the Light.

~Author Unknown~ (At least by me)

Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.
God Bless You!
Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever

Every light is on for you!  / Mom~ I. Love You Mack! 4th Christmas In Heaven (Miss/LOVE U SO ^i^ )

4th Christmas in Heaven..It doesn't get any easier!
I Love You! I have you locked into my mind and heart 
for eternity! Keep sending your signs precious Angel!

Merry Christmas with Jesus and the Angels!
Heartbroken with Love, Mom

Merry Christmas Mack!  / Mom~ I. Love You Mack! Beautiful Child My Angel (Merry Christmas Angels )


missing you  / Amber (bestfriend)
hey mack sorry it has been so long happy late late b-day man I wish you were here so much is going on and you could always pick me back up please give me a sighn you are here with me I cant do this alone bryant has 2 surgerys comeing up and he just got out the hospital it jus seems like it never ends man I know I am going on and I prolly shouldnt do this on here but I dont know what else to do this is the only way I can talk to you oh my blue eyes how I wish I could see your smile and here you say everything is going to be ok I miss you some much 3years I cant beleave and the pain does not go away I love you so much well I am going to go now I love you and miss you so much.
shaye sorry I have not called so much has been going on I will call you tommorow I love u and miss you too I am going to try to come for christmas talk to u soon
Where Are You? (Poem)  / Mom~ I. Love You Mack ~I Love You Mack (Angels in Heaven )
By Harold Hopkins

I missed you yesterday
and looked for you
among the artifacts of your life -
your room with pictures,
the clothes that still carried your scent,
your favorite tools and books,
the tapes you loved to hear.
The very walls echoed your vitality
and carried faint memories of riotous laughter.
And so I sat there, comforted for a while,
but forced at last to confess
that although beautiful memories lingered
you were not there,
not then and not ever again.

If I could not find you yesterday,
where, then, can I look today?
Who can I talk to, implore, beg
to show me the way?
Where are the hidden doorways
to the signs and wonders
others claim to see?

My musings bring no answers
so I take a walk to clear my mind.
Ahead, I see children playing,
and their laughter floating on the wind
reminds me of your own carefree approach to life.

Their running mirrors your own abandon
and the way you always found joy in simple things.
Can this be the answer
to the riddle of finding you again?
Can it be that I will hear you
in every moment of laughter?
That I will see you
in the actions of a mischievous friend,
that I will feel you in every touch of compassion?

I've always heard
that if you seek, you will find.
Perhaps the corollary to that is that
you must seek in the right places.
Thinking of you~ (Thank You)  / AMG~UK~FR
To A Sweet Angel.  / Joan Taylor (None)
Hello To The Parent's of Mack.
I had tear's in my eye's reading this about your son.
To be brutally  murdered  that's just so arful, i just could'nt stop crying.
To think there is people out there in the big wide world that do these evil thing's.
They should not be on this earth, but sad to say they are.
My heart and prayer's really do go out to you all.
Mack his a sweet angel now, in the care of the Lord.
And one Day you will all meet up again, then you all will be with the Lord for ever together.
Good Night  And God Bless You Mack.
Love And Hug's.
From Joan Taylor.
If you wish to visit my webpage hear is my email address.
 Love Joan xxxx.

Thinking of you today and everyday sweet angel!!  / Terry-Faiths Mom (Friend of moms )
Soul eternal  / Maxim (Ukraine) (friend)
Mack still alive in our hearts and mind happy birthday Mack.
(cur who did this to you will sustain punishment)
happy birthday to your son  / Walid (Egypt) Law ((mom's friend) )
its to your son ( happy birthday ) 

to my son
there is apart of every joy
and every sorrow in my life
there is trace of every smile  and every tear,
there is a gentleness that healed
every time my heart was broken...
there is space for every secret
that you had ever spoken.. in my heart

 Thank you my dear sweet, kind, caring beautiful friend!

Happy Birthday angel Mack!!  / Terry-Faiths Mom (friend of moms )
Mack- Stopping by to wish you a Happy 21st Birthday in
             Heaven!! Keep watching over your mother and
             sending her your wonderful signs!! Much love.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACK~~~~21 years ago God sent you an angel Shaye, though very long he did not get to stay he in that short time brought alot of LOVE your way, GOD BLESS YOU Love from NJ Mark Fearons friends xoxoxoxoxoo MARK WILL MAKE HIM THE BEST CAKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of You  / SOL (MA) Happy Birthday Mack
Happy Birthday Mack  / Mark (FL) Happy Birthday Mack
Happy 21st Birthday & Thinking of You  / Susan W. (WV) Angel Baby In Heaven 2. (Happy 21st Birthday )

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